Morning Routine To Boost Productivity: Realtor’s Guide

May 17, 2021

A career in Real Estate can be hectic, and for some, the lack of structure can make us counter-productive, especially in the mornings. This is why it is so important to be aware of how you are using your time and energy each day. Your morning routine sets the tone for your day and if created and implemented effectively, can be a huge contributor to success. Think of it this way: you are in control of your day at least twice, when you wake up in the morning, and when you go to bed at night. How can you ensure you are making the most of this time? By setting intentional, productive and consistent routines.

In this post, we’re focussing on the morning routine. We’ve done our research, analyzed the routines of some of the top performing agents in the industry, and added some of our own experience to bring you our master list of tips to guide you in creating a morning routine for your most productive day ever.

Plan your day the night before.

If you’re truly committed to having a productive morning, you must get enough sleep the night before. Lack of sleep makes it difficult for you to focus, which automatically decreases your chances of having a productive day. Completing a few tasks the night before can dramatically improve your mornings and minimize stress. Laying out your clothes, prepping your breakfast/lunch and setting the timer on your coffee machine are all ways to save time in the morning.

Wake up earlier.

Keep in mind that the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’ is very applicable in the industry you belong to. The real estate world is home to highly competitive professionals and if you really want to be a top performer, you should start practicing the habit of waking up early. This will give you an opportunity to squeeze in a little bit of extra time for learning, prospecting, or planning for your day ahead. If the usual time you wake up is 6 A.M. try to make it 30 minutes to an hour earlier. By doing so, you are giving your body enough time to wake up before you begin your day.

Make your bed.

This one might make you raise your eyebrow but it works! It might not seem significant but the practice of making your bed in the morning gives you an instant feeling of success.  By  accomplishing this small task the moment you wake up, you’re up for more and bigger accomplishments throughout the rest of your day.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise improves your morning routine because it helps increase your level of alertness. It promotes overall energy and also gets rid of fatigue. When you exercise in the morning, you’re letting nutrients and oxygen travel to your lungs and heart which are important in achieving overall stamina. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you have to do an extremely intense workout. Going for a walk, or doing some stretching can be just as effective. It’s about getting yourself moving early in the day.

Write down your goals

The morning hours are a great time to plan your to-do list and your goals before becoming distracted by emails, phone calls, and other events that surround your day. When you physically see the list of goals you need to accomplish within the day, the details will stick in your mind and you’ll be more committed to completing them. Writing down your goals also allows you to celebrate even the smallest progress as you check each one off your list. It keeps you motivated and boosts your confidence which are both essential traits a realtor should have.

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Make a note of your top 3 priorities for the day.

Priorities are your key area of focus each day and will give you clarity on your actions. They guide you in decision-making and will give you the confidence you need to prevent less important matters from blocking your progress. Knowing how to prioritize your day is essential for any entrepreneur. Once you master the skill of prioritizing your tasks, you’ll be amazed at the time and energy you save. Each morning, I review the goals I have set for my day, and identify my 3 highest priorities.

Check market stats & local news updates.

While we’re often encouraged to stay away from our technology in the morning, in  the real estate industry, it’s important to be equipped with the most up to date information as you head into each day. When you’re asked questions about the market, you’ll want to be prepared to give the best advice possible. Find reputable news sources that will feed you with important information on your local market and review them each morning. Gather all the information you need early in the morning before you meet with your clients. Staying updated with the current market stats and local news will not only make your work more accurate, it will also highlight your expertise.

Whether you realize it or not, you likely do have some type of morning routine, but the key is to find intention in the tasks you are performing as you start each day. Start investing in morning activities that will set you up for a productive day ahead, and watch your life change.

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