Your Listing Presentation Kit that Produces Results

Aug 23, 2013

When approaching potential clients it is important to represent yourself and your brokerage in a professional manner while still being approachable/understandable to those unfamiliar with the inner workings of the real estate industry.

One way to do this is to put together a listing presentation package to show all of the services you can provide that put your skills beyond the expectations of the average consumer. Begin by listing your qualifications and achievements, as well as clarifying what efforts lead to this recognition. In addition to your own successes, re-enforce the credibility and reliability of your brokerage as well as all the services you provide for your clients.

Make sure to state what makes you different and how your using you versus someone else will benefit your clients.
Sold Right Away can help to create a neat and concise booklet that will sum up why you are the best one for the job!
By putting together examples of previous listing material, you can showcase your marketing and advertising strategy, distribution plan, and previous experience in selling and buying to your potential client. It may also be beneficial to show not only printed matter, but the online content you will provide as well. Sold Right Away can help you with this by providing samples of Ad-mails, property brochures, and professional photos. You should be able to explain how each piece can help you to reach the target market for your client’s home, while we make information about all our processes available to you.

Finally, you should be able to breakdown how you arrived at the expected price range through assessment of the home, neighbourhood touring, and with your experience in previous homes. Our full package of design, photos, video tour, and distribution can not only close the sale, but keep the clients coming.

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