Tips For Realtors on How to Sell Properties in a Buyers’ Market

Mar 23, 2021

The real estate industry is an unstable market. There are times it is showing indications of a downturn like having an excessive number of available properties, and prices becoming stagnant. Another sign of a buyers market is when the number of days your property stays in the market lengthens. High inventory and low demand are indicators of a buyers’ market. 

One of the most common dilemmas that a real estate agent faces at some point is having several listings for weeks or months and not getting them sold. You get stressed receiving calls from your sellers as if you’re not exerting any effort to sell. How do you go about addressing this issue? Below are some tips you can adapt to sell properties in a buyer’s market. 

Don’t waste time. Begin marketing immediately 

Time is of the essence when it comes to marketing properties. As soon as you signed the agreement with the seller, you should start getting to work. Immediately go to your social media accounts and share a preview of the property you are selling. Make it look interesting to excite your followers and to make them wait for your updates. Head to the property and put a real estate sign with a Coming Soon to rider.

Do staging 

You need to stage the property you’re selling. Staging has proven to be very effective in helping buyers visualize it as their future home. It showcases the strengths of the property. Staged homes sell faster than non-staged homes and for higher prices, so you are best to invest in it and get ahead of your competitors. Focus on the appearance of the property and curb appeal to make sure it looks welcoming and attractive. 

Seek help from a professional real estate photographer

The quality of photos you will use to market your property counts a lot. These materials will reflect the kind of realtor you are. With this in mind, you should invest in hiring a really good real estate photographer. Photographers who specialize in real estate can make the images stand out. They know the right shooting and editing techniques that will sway buyers to come over to the property.

Make your listing visible online

Take advantage of all social media platforms. Some people are unaware of MLS and they tend to look for properties on Facebook or Instagram. You can also use social media platforms to broadcast the property. This way, you get to address any questions your viewers may have about the property in real time. 

Make sure your listing is posted on real estate platforms, especially the leading ones as well as getting a listing property website done to help the online exposure of your listing. Do not forget to update your contacts about your available homes by sending them emails through newsletter updates. Make your subject line interesting to ensure that the receiver will open the message. 

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