Time Blocking Techniques for Realtors to Succeed

Time Blocking Techniques for Realtors to Succeed

Time management is regarded as one of the most crucial skills a Realtor should have. This line of work is far from the usual office job, as this requires you to be virtually available 24 hours a day. There are alot of tasks to complete, so many people to have a meeting with, that it can sometimes become a struggle to juggle everything in just one day.

Fortunately, the experts in the real estate industry have some techniques to share in order to educate real estate agents about time blocking. It’s a strategy designed to help you master your calendar and make sure you are not missing out on everything, especially your high-priority tasks and projects. It also aims to let you have enough time for both your professional and personal life commitments. 

The Essence of Time Blocking in Real Estate

Time blocking in general, and not just in the real estate industry, is an effective method you can use in order to have a designated schedule for all your tasks. Determining which tasks should be accomplished on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis lets you make the best use of your time. 

As a Realtor, you sometimes fail to accomplish something significant because of prolonged meetings, traffic, unexpected phone calls, last minute offers on a property, and all other forms of interruptions. With time blocking, you get to take pleasure in the following benefits: 

  • You’ll know in advance what would be your schedule for the day. 
  • You can dedicate enough time for the task you need to finish.
  • You get to have work and personal life balance. 
  • You get to boost productivity by building momentum. 

Here are some time blocking strategies that you can employ to efficiently manage your time and enhance your productivity:

  • Make sure your time blocking management system is working for you and use the tool that you are most comfortable with. It can be through your phone notification or an app. You can also use your calendar to timeblock, or have it written in your planner. Whatever works for you is fine. 
  • Determine your most productive time of the day. You know you best! Are you an early bird or a night owl? It’s important to consider this matter when time blocking. If you are the type of Realtor who gets more energized in the afternoon and you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, it’s best to have most of your important tasks scheduled after-lunch, and your lower-priority tasks in the morning. And vice versa if you are more productive in the morning and have low energy in the afternoon.
  • Let your family, your real estate team and co-workers know about your time blocking schedule so they can learn to respect it and empower you to maintain your time blocks as well. While you cannot expect your buyers and sellers to be mindful of your availability when they call, you can at least advise your support personnel of the time blocking schedule you set for yourself. To keep everybody on track, you can come up with an integrated calendar scheme. 

If you feel overwhelmed with your schedule and need help creating your time blocks successfully or support in respecting them, feel free to contact Sold Right Away today for more information!

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