The Culture of Sold Right Away

Jul 25, 2013

Here are six points to explain what Sold Right Away stands for and is all about.

1. Commitment: Caring for Realtor’s success

We are not working here only to make money, but to keep clients for the long run. We care to please them and provide them with results. We build relationships; we become part of our realtors’ business.
How do we express caring for their success when we answer the telephone, when we meet them and when we work on their projects? By offering Consistency, Accuracy & Quality, Impeccable Service, Integrity and Communication in all areas of the work we do.

2. Consistency

Emails, phone calls, quality of service, quality of work, timeframes, processes and packaging are always consistent.

3. Accuracy & Quality

We review and test everything we do. We strive to produce high standard results at all time.

4. Service

Our service is impeccable. The client is always right. Even when the client is wrong, the client is actually right! No excuses allowed, we strive to take responsibility and be accountable.

5. Integrity

We believe in developing a work environment based on a strong culture of integrity between our team and between each customer and us.

6. Communication

We are building open relationships. If you become sloppy at your work, let’s find out why. If you are late, let’s create the proper tools to be on time. If you feel bored by your work, feel comfortable to talk to your team about it.

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