Steps to Getting Leads as a New Real Estate Agent

Mar 16, 2021

The ability to get leads says a lot about the caliber of a real estate agent. You have a bigger chance to succeed as a Realtor®, if you start honing this particular skill the moment you decide to enter the industry… even prior to. 

It’s normal to feel intimidated about this task at first, especially if this is something you haven’t done in the past. In order to overcome the fear of this new challenge, think about the agents who are enjoying their rewarding career. All of them went through the same experience that you are going through. Most weren’t given a contact base to begin with, they earned it through their hard work and willingness to learn. If you possess these two attributes, you will not have a hard time executing the following tips on how to get leads as a new real estate agent.

Be aware of the best leads source.

You might think that the internet is the best source of information. But this isn’t the case for new real estate agents like you, who are just about to start generating leads. Quality leads come from the individuals you know personally. The people who know you, either as a former colleague, a fellow member of a community group, or a neighbor is more likely to consider working with you than someone who is a complete stranger. 

Broaden your network. 

After focusing on people within your circle, it’s time to work on meeting new prospects. You should start meeting new people and it’s not just about adding friends on Facebook or following random individuals on Instagram. You need to get to know people face to face. People typically don’t trust anyone they just met online. You should gain new buyer and seller prospects the traditional way (although virtual now, but still very efficient) like joining an organization, attending chamber of commerce events, joining a community group or in person having a chit chat with your neighbor or going to the gym. You are also likely to win new real estate prospects by taking a virtual art class or just by merely taking your dog out for a walk in the park. 

Store your contacts’ information

Take advantage of innovative applications to simplify your leads generation efforts. Make use of CRM or customer relationship management systems to store your contacts’ information. Using the right system to save these files will keep everything organized. It will be easier for you to determine the last time you contacted them, as well as the information that has to do with referrals you receive. 

Come up with a strategy so you can continuously communicate with your contacts.

Your efforts do not just end in collecting contacts. You should create a plan that will keep you top of mind, assuring that when the time comes to buy or sell a home, you are the one they call. It can either be by calling them or by texting them once in a while. You can also consider sharing relevant content directly to your contacts, to remind them of exactly what you do and to demonstrate your expertise in the industry. 

Generating leads as a new agent can be very challenging but you’ll reap the fruit of it if you know how to nurture your connections. It’s also important to employ a well-thought of process which you can use again and again as your lead generation strategy. Staying on top of this process will make this essential part of your job a lot easier and less time consuming.

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