Social Media: The Benefits

Dec 10, 2017

Using social media to market your business proves to be rather successful in the real estate industry. You’re up-to-date, interactive, marketing method shows interested clients that you are active in your marketing approach. For those of you who are wary of entering the world of social media, we’ve outlined the top benefits of applying it to your daily marketing habits.

Up-to-date Marketing

Using social media to market your business and self, shows clients that you are current and interested in new and exciting ways to promote your business, listings, etc.

Active Marketing (interactive)

Using social media allows you to actively promote current listings and engage with potential clients. Instead of waiting around for print ads to be made, linking your website or a photo of your current listing(s) will show clients that you are efficient in your marketing method. With this said, social media allows for an interactive relationship with you and past, current, or potential clients.

Creates Personality

If you read our article on transparency as a marketing tool, then you’ll already know that we believe being open and honest with your clients will create an authentic, successful, relationship.

Networking Tool

Getting out there and going to networking events can be difficult due to its time consuming manner – but here’s your solution! Using sites like LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to actively network with fellow business personnel at your own pace and comfort.

Increased Website Traffic

Whether you link your website in a tweet, or have it in your bio description, social media will increase traffic to your real estate website because of the online presence it creates.

Larger, Targeted, Audience

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – they all allow you to reach a larger more specific audience through the business it generates.

Fast and Simple

Lastly, but certainly not least, social media allows you to quickly and efficiently market yourself. Through targeting an audience, user friendly interfaces, and large community, social media is open and friendly for everyone.

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