Setting and Achieving Goals: Long and Short Term Career Goals

Feb 15, 2018

Setting goals is important in all aspects of your life. Knowing what it is you want to achieve in a single day, month, year, or even in the far future, can help you visualize the path to success. This process can help you live a fuller life, as it provides you with the necessary confidence in achieving further dreams.

Though the task of goal setting seems simple enough, it is often overlooked. In order to help you combat your goals, we have broken down the steps we believe will help you attain success through the importance of writing your goals down, tracking your achievements, as well as tips on how to stick with them.

Short-term and Long-term Goals

For starters, setting both short-term and long-term goals can help you achieve gradual success, as seeing the progress will motivate and inspire you to keep pursuing your goals. Through breaking your long-term goal(s) down into gradual steps, you will make the tasks appear more attainable.

As a Realtor, contacting past clients, pursuing new ones, marketing yourself, and managing your current buyers and sellers can cloud your head. Similar to any career, you need to manage your time in order to obtain positive results. Here is a long-term Realtor career goal that we have broken down in hopes of helping clear your mind and focus your attention:

This year I would like to achieve an income of $[X], To achieve this goal I want to have [X] deals per month. I will achieve this by:

  • Making [X] calls a week to past clients following up.
  • Making [X] calls a week to new leads and referrals to inform them on my business.
  • Making [X] calls a week to congratulate buyers that bought, on their anniversary.
  • Making [X] calls a week to partner’s whom may have potential referrals (I.e. Lawyers, painters, stagers, etc.)

With this said, short-term goals can also stand alone – as it is not necessary for most short-term goals to be further broken down.

Writing Down, Scheduling, and Tracking Your Goals

Seeing your goals written down keeps you accountable for the progress being made. How you choose to record, schedule, and track your progress is entirely up to you. Whether you choose to download an online calendar, or purchase a physical notebook, seeing the information written down acts as a reminder, keeping you on track.

How to Stick With It!

Setting your goals is one thing, but following through with them? Well that can be rather tricky. Sticking with your goals can be difficult, especially when it comes to your career. We’ve compiled our top tips on sticking with your goals in hopes of helping you complete them:

  • Tip#1: Determine which goals are a priority and start from there
  • Tip#2: Create a plan. This can help you pace yourself and easily move forward
  • Tip#3: Tell someone your goals. Telling someone, or posting them online, can help you stay accountable

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