Outdoor Living Space in Demand

Jun 15, 2016

All About Outdoor Living

As the weather warms up, buyers spend just as much time evaluating the outside of the house as they do the inside. Furthermore, buyers and seller may also spark home improvement conversations to deliver the most return.  According to real estate experts and Ironhaus, metalwork designers, it is estimated that for every dollar invested in landscaping projects, homeowners can see nearly $2 return on investment.

A survey of homeowners revealed a list of most popular features in outdoor living spaces:

  • Everyone needs a good grill. Depending on your preference, gas or charcoal, rank high among the popular features in your outdoor space. With the sun shining bright, a built-in cooktop makes outdoor entertaining fun.
  • The Fire Element: the perfect fusion of ambience and warmth that can be used year-round.
  • Patios and decks are very desirable. The survey shows that the popularity of patios and decks originate from the space that allows creativity and inspiration to flow. They also provide a great area for those seeking solitude and entertainment.
  • Outdoor furniture: with the vast collection of different furniture styles, sizes and materials offered, buyers can easily decorate their outdoor living space the same way they would do any room inside. A perfect opportunity to reflect their personality.
  • With a beautiful outdoor space such as yours, I am sure you will be hosting many events year round. Consider an elaborate outdoor entertainment system, maybe a wireless player or a portable stereo, because no party can exist without some music blasting through speakers.
  • Grow Your Food. This does not only add to the visual attraction of your home, they are economical, healthy and a great way to start your day right.

Who said uplifting your outdoor living space has to be expensive?

With the whole concept being outdoors, it can be pretty cumbersome to maintain the perfect backyard. Here are few steps that homeowners can put in action to modernize their outdoor living space:

  • Clear away debris, dead plants, and replace them with fresh flowers or herbs to revive nature and green space.
  • Simply putting on a fresh coat of paint or changing cushions can add an instant facelift on outdoor furniture.
  • With the long summer days, you can easily energize the rest of the household using solar lighting.

We found a great collection which you can reference when creating your outdoor living space to enjoy all year.

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