How to Leverage an Open House for a Successful Career

Dec 29, 2017

Using an open house to find more listings and buyers proves to be rather successful; but equally difficult. In order to leverage your open house for a successful career, there are crucial steps you must take. Follow along as we discuss how to make the most out of an open house.

Market Yourself through the Listing

In order for dozens of visitors to check out your open house, it is beneficial to market your listing – which is a perfect opportunity to market yourself. Take advantage of the advertisements you’re paying for – have them represent you as a Realtor. Showcasing the time and effort you put into each listing will help attract clients.


This will be done through the marketing stage, but in addition to advertising the home, make sure that you put out signs and provide directions on how to get to the house.

Get Creative!

Whether during the marketing stage, or at the open house, incorporating a unique memorable attribute will help leave a lasting impression on potential clients/ buyers. Considering using aerial photos/videos to give clients a unique perspective of the property, or handing out memorable promotional items to open house visitors.

Welcome Visitors

Being friendly and welcoming visitors at the door will show clients that you are there to help them; answering questions and addressing concerns as they arise.

Create a Friendly Atmosphere

Ensure that the house is clean and welcoming to visitors. Open windows, turn on lights, play music, and maybe have some treats. This will encourage visitors to stick around and ask questions.

Be Present

Many real estate agents forget the importance of connecting with a client in person. Instead of them providing you with their contact information to call later, try and address important information in person. Answering questions and addressing various topics will show clients that you are an informed Realtor, and are interested in helping them.

Provide Contact Information

In addition to providing visitors with information packages about the house – that may address information about the house not seen through the tour – add in your contact information. This is a simple marketing plug in. Attach your business card to the packages and you’re good to go!

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