The Importance of Marketing: A Guide to Developing Your Brand

Feb 26, 2018

Not only is it important to market your listings, to ensure an efficient sell, but it is equally beneficial to market yourself and your company. Through developing a brand that represents who you are and what you stand for, you can set yourself apart from your competition; ultimately giving you the upper hand. To help you get started, we have created an outline in which to follow when beginning your brand development.

What is a Brand?

For starters it is important to understand what a brand is exactly- especially since the term is often used rather loosely. A brand distinguishes a company, product, or service from their competition. It establishes a distinctive style that creates a positive, or negative, representation that clients, and possible clients, take away. The time, energy, and money, put into developing a brand contributes to the overall marketing, and can be the defining factoring in the success of an individual, a company, a product, or a service.

How to Develop a Brand

Figure out what is it that you want your company to embody and emit to your current, and potential, clients. This can be achieved through defining your company. Establishing the values of, and the characteristics that, distinguish your company can help separate you from Realtor competition.

Once you’ve established these two factors, it is important to define your demographics. Knowing who your target audience is can make all the difference when choosing a logo, slogan, and various other branding designs. Some of the important demographics/ questions to ask yourself are as follows:

  • What is your target area? (I.e. city/cities, neighborhoods, streets, etc.)
  • What is your target age? (I.e. singles, families, seniors, etc.)
  • What price range are you looking to list?
  • Establish your preferred client; do you enjoy working with first time home owners? Repeat buyers? Referrals?
  • When establishing your demographics remember that, although you want to target an audience, you do not want to discriminate and put off otherwise potential clients.

Next you should establish your personal advantages. You’ve defined your values, and described your characteristics, but what is the significant factor that separates you, making you the best choice? This is where the development of your own personal style comes into play.

Developing your own Personal Style

In order to attract clients it is beneficial to figure out a branding style that is unique. Perhaps an online presence with an interactive design, which outlines who you are in a personal manor, or a memorable promotional idea to hand out at open houses, that leaves a lasting impression. The choice you make here is your own, and should represent you as a Realtor.

Remember, creating a brand for marketing purposes is a gradual process that requires patience and determination. The effort spent on developing your professional presence can make all the difference in the success of you as a Realtor.

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