Have You Considered This Client?

Aug 15, 2018

One of the best clients you can get in the real estate industry are investors. They are often return clients and they care about your valuable time because their time is also limited. They understand the market better than the average residential buyer and they have the same goal that you do – to make more money. Not enough reasons for you? Here are some more:

Return Clients

If you do your job right, you will likely have return clients. Real estate investors may even use you to re-sell their investment properties, and help them buy others – double whammy!

More Deals

Your typical residential clients are unlikely to move every year, but your investor clients may have 10-15 properties at a time, sometimes even 20! Flipping homes has become a popular trend, especially with the HGTV movement so you can expect to re-sell the same property within the next year or two.

Time is Money

Real estate investors value their time and value yours. They will not be as emotional as residential buyers and they will listen to your advice more when selling because they want to get top dollar. It is highly unlikely that they will be living in the property when it is selling, which makes it easier for showings.

If you are not already in touch with real estate investors do your research and network! Create campaigns to target them specifically by dedicating some marketing efforts and budget towards them.

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