Everything You Need to Know About Real Estate Signage

Feb 1, 2021

Signs are a powerful real estate marketing tool for Realtors. A sign can very quickly let people know about the property for sale and also and your relevant contact details and increase your brand awareness in the neighbourhood.

Real estate signs come in many different shapes and sizes. Over the years, the designs have evolved and more creative elements are now being used to make the sign more catchy. It’s important to know that this tool can either make your listing successful or cause it to fail. It’s a method of reaching out to potential buyers with the hopes of building great relationships and potentially creating leads. So, as a Realtor, it is a must that you understand the art of signage, and how to make the most of its full potential by knowing how this time-tested method works.

Style Options to Choose From

There are quite a lot of style options to choose from when creating real estate signs. Apart from different shapes, these signages also come in a variety of sizes. Choosing a design will just depend on your judgment, or how you want people to perceive your property, and you as an agent.

Some style samples are directional signs, yard inserts, and frame signs. Directional signs are intended to make locating the property easier. They usually have arrows to indicate the direction. Yard inserts, on the other hand, are simply signs set in the ground in front of the home for sale. It’s a very straightforward sign and can be very catchy with the right design. Your sign design should be consistent with your branding and used with everyn listing.

Common and Extraordinary Signage Shapes

There are several shapes used for real estate signs. The most common ones come in square or rectangular shape with banner / rider, frame and post. You can use extraordinary sign shapes to draw more attention. You can have it cut to your desired shape like a house or a key, or anything else that you think represents and showcases your brand.

The Difference Between Commercial Signs and Residential Signs

Simply put, commercial signage requires more space. You need a bigger material, and its design must be more on the formal or professional side. For residential properties, a well-designed yard sign can work wonders! Residential signs can have a more personal touch like custom riders, lights, custom posts, etc.

Real estate signage is not just about the appearance! Timing and placement are also important factors to consider when planning the signage for the property you are selling. Make sure the signage is placed in a location that is pleasing to the eye, as this sets the first impression of the home and you as a Realtor.

Also, do not forget to put a rider that says “SOLD” as soon as the sale is confirmed to emphasize and showcase just how good you are as a Realtor to the neighbours!

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