Bringing The Baby Home

May 11, 2016

Having a baby is a big life decision, we don’t want to stress you more with other life decisions, but, here are 5 solid points that build our case on why you should buy a home before and not after your baby’s homecoming.

  • “Research shows that the nesting instinct peaks in the third trimester—better to already be settled in the new place so you don’t have to sort all the baby onesies by color and size twice.” Why not save yourself the trouble and get a new home in stead of “that’s good enough for now.”
  • If you thought getting a baby wasn’t a good reason to go shopping, think again. With the new baby, more things will be coming in; from strollers to clothing to extra diapers for emergency situations. You will be able to see all this beforehand during the baby shower, with your house shrinking before your eyes with rooms being filled with baby gear. When searching for a new home, you can inquire about homes with a larger space.
  • Everyone will sleep better! Not sold? Moving kids from one home to another can affect their sleeping patterns. Thus affecting yours too. Why be cranky? Let’s avoid this from the start?
  • Because you want to. As simple as that – A new home that’s bigger, or closer to schools or work. Having the things that you want and need when the baby arrives will make a huge difference.
  • Now is the time to buy. We have all noticed the booming of the Canadian Real Estate Market. As discussed in our previous blogs; What happens if the real estate boom continues in Toronto?, Sales in the first quarter of 2016 rose 15.8 per cent from the opening three months of last year, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board.

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