Ahead of the Pack: How QR Can Help You Build Your Personal Brand

Undoubtedly one of the hottest new trends in real estate marketing, QR codes aren’t just an effective tool for getting your listings sold faster, they can also be a powerful way to set yourself apart and create your personal brand. QR codes are those little black and white square images, which look a little like barcodes, and which have been showing up on real estate signs, flyers, brochures, and almost anywhere else you can image. Also known as quick response codes, QR codes link potential customers directly to content the realtor provides via cell phone or other mobile device. The content the code links to can be almost anything from a digital listing or personal website, to a contact form or a video tour. That is where QR codes offer clever realtors the opportunity to really shine. Realtors can customize their content to show potential clients what they bring to the table and why they’re the one who will get the property sold.

How QR Codes Help you Stand Out

    • QR codes allow realtors to interact with the clients, even if they’re not there. Instead of getting your voicemail, they get you! They are connected directly to content that informs them and introduces them to your personal brand.
    • QR codes eliminate the need to collect piles of paper flyers about listings, allowing you to market yourself as a “green” realtor, as concerned about conserving resources as about connecting people with the right properties.
    • They allow you to showcase yourself. From the first moment, the client or potential buyer is linked to content that is custom-made to represent you.
    • They show that you are innovative. To clients, you are ahead of the curve, quick to adopt helpful new technologies to get their properties sold.
    • They allow you to be creative. You can use your QR code content to brand yourself and show your personality. You can be playful and find that approach that nobody has tried before.
    • They help you stand out. QR codes can link potential clients and buyers to almost any kind of information, website, or interactive media you choose to share. This gives you an exciting opportunity to set yourself apart and to position yourself as a realtor who goes above and beyond.
    • QR codes can help you go viral. Because QR codes are activated by taking a picture, clients and potential buyers can easily share your marketing materials with friends and family, which helps you grow and expand your brand.

There are countless ways realtors can use QR codes to set themselves apart from the crowd. Incorporating a new technology can be overwhelming though, and it may be hard to know where to begin. Sold Right Away can help you put QR codes to work immediately, with links to professional-quality photos, a custom website, and video tours.

Contact us today to find out how Sold Right Away can help you put your marketing plan into action!

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