5 Dos and Don’ts of Listing Photography During the Holidays

Dec 9, 2019

There’s no need to be scared of snow – in fact, it could take your listing from modern to magical with blankets of flurries falling on the property. Selling a home in the winter can be exciting but also a challenge. To ensure a smooth session, we’ve prepared the do’s and the do not’s of shooting your listing this holiday season.

1. Do: Plan for Weather Warnings

Be realistic about where you’re living and review your photographer’s weather policy. Your safety, as well as the seller’s and photographers are a priority. Now is the time to make an action plan for hail, ice, and an avalanche of snow.

P.S. Shovel the driveway! Otherwise buyers may not realize you have one and the photographers will be soaked with snow carrying all their equipment through it. If there is a back/front deck, shovel that as well to give viewers a better understanding of the property.

2. Don’t: Go Christmas Crazy

As much as we love the holiday season and the decorations involved, we do not love an obstacle course while taking photos in the home. Before the shoot, try to move around the home while only looking through your phone – if you’re having difficulty, so will the photographer with an expensive camera in their hand! Not only that, but Christmas decorations are time-bound and may expire your photos early.

3. Do: Budget for Extras

You want to be able to paint the picture for the buyer, which means they need to know what the home looks like in the summer too! There are two ways to handle this. You can pay the photographer extra to use their editing skills to take away the snow or you can have exterior shots taken before/after the snow.

4. Don’t: Wait Until the Last Minute

Photographers are human and humans take holidays. If you wait until the last minute to book your shoot there may be little to no availability. Think ahead! Also, natural lighting and time of day is something to consider – it gets dark much earlier in the winter season.

5. Do: Accommodate

I know we said don’t go Christmas crazy but that doesn’t mean you can be a Grinch! Yes, you have to encourage the sellers to reduce their holiday decorations but the holidays are often cherished and should be treated as so. Ask your client ahead of time for their schedule so you can avoid booking a shoot at an inconvenient time. Go above and beyond by helping the sellers find a smaller version of decorations that can fit in a condensed area so they won’t be the main feature of the photos.

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