Benefits of Using a CRM for Real Estate Agents

A Customer Relationship Management or CRM is beneficial to most businesses, real estate is no exception. There is a misconception that this tool only works for businesses with extensive quantities of transactions. The truth is, it’s also effective even for ones with a few transactions like selling and buying properties. Although there are less transactions in real estate, these are important business undertakings that can lead to high turnover, hence, the use of CRM can bring about a lot of advantages to it. 

A good rapport with clients is of extreme importance to real estate agents. The nature of the industry requires agents to remain aware of the preferences of a specific client (buyer or seller). The agent needs to know which client he should contact when a property becomes available either by interest or location. Given the number of clients that a real estate agent has, it can be difficult to manage contacts manually. Fortunately, there is CRM to enable the realtor to keep track of everything. 

The objective with using a Customer Relationship Management is to nurture the connection between the agent and client, and as a result, help grow the real estate business. To further understand how this any CRM program benefits the REALTOR, read the following:

Keeping all information organized

Real estate agents are often bombarded with information, contacts, leads, viewings, listing presentation requests and buyers inquiries. They need to keep notes of pertinent details and specific contact information. The use of CRM makes things easier in terms of organization. The information is also put in one place that the agent can always access through any device, anytime, anywhere.

Making the client feel prioritized

CRM software programs make the client feel like they are treated very well because you get to respond to them quickly. They don’t have to wait several hours before they get the information they need from the agent. CRM comes with a system that lets the user create auto-responses that can be sent immediately to anyone who seeks information. It also allows Realtors to create flows of emails and newsletter content that are targeted to specific clients, either buyers or sellers or leads.

Easy for agents to look into past clients

One of the most important attributes a real estate agent should have is consistency, as this helps a lot in building trust. Maintaining constant connection with clients helps agents establish themselves as the right go-to person when they buy a home or someone they know asks for referral. A CRM can help make follow ups with past clients just the way the agent wants it. It does have to be by means of sending too many newsletters or bothering them with daily emails. A short and simple message to greet the client on their birthday or home purchase anniversary and to get them reminded of your business is enough. Through the CRM, the agent will have all the information needed to get the message to their client. Most are even equipped with a system that can automate this process for the agent’s convenience!

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