Advertise your Real Estate and Home Sold Success Stories

Let people know you're the Realtor for them by marketing your success solds using services such as postcards and score your next listing!

Custom Sold Postcard Design!

Marketing the home you just sold is a really great way to gain Realtor credibility to boost on your brand. It won’t only show future potential buyers homes you had sold in the past, but it will also let them visualize what they could do with their home. Sold Postcards are great for the home buyer and sell as well, it gives them something they can hang onto, to store great memorizes of their past and future. We will have these postcards printed and delivered to your target areas by Canada Post for mass exposure.

Custom Real Estate Sold Postcard Design!

Social Media Sold Promoting

Sold Right Away will create a custom presentation image of your SOLD with your home, photo and marketing slogan to either our Sold Right Away page or your social media sites. We include elements that will capture your audiences’ eye for this big announcement. In turn your Realtor name will be recognized with a big congratulations, so future home buyers will the success you can bring them.

Each week we also we present the listings our clients have sold to social media. Every home and Realtor will be advertised through Sold Right Away’s Facebook network, to let the public know you were the star that week.

Social Media Real Estate Sold Promoting

Buyer Testimonial Video

If you want to benefit yourself and your brand, creating client/buyer testimonials will help. This presents their whole experience when purchasing or selling a home with you while adding a human component through video. This also gives future clients a glimpse of what they can expect from you and from the Real Estate process.

My Solds - Client Testimonial Video

Sellers in Front of Your Sold Sign Photo

You sold your home and your sellers are extremely happy and satisfied with the result! Why not grab a memorable moment and take a photo together?! We will capture all the excitement and eagerness in front of your SOLD sign and the home. People will think of you to be their Realtor the next time they want to buy/sell.

Client and Realtor Sold Photo In Front of Home

My Solds Service Packages

We offer three different packages with all the services featured above, choose one that will best suit your home selling needs. If you require more information on our SOLD services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Get Your Real Estate Marketing Off Its Foundation

Sold Right Away will help you market your Burlington-Hamilton-Grimsby and Niagara Real Estate. We guarantee to help you sell your listings faster and bring you potential home buyers. Our services include professional Real Estate photography, promotional and marketing videos, exterior aerial photography, and Listing websites. Drop us a line and one of our customer service representatives will respond to you as soon as possible.

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